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Backyard suites in calgary

Thinking about building a backyard suite, but don't know where to start? Calgary Backyard Suites can help! ​We are Calgary's only non-profit, education and advocacy based organization that promotes the development of Backyard Homes. We hold educational workshops and suite tours in Calgary so that homeowners can understand the rules, regulations, design considerations, costs, financing options, and benefits of backyard suites.  ​

What is a Backyard suite?

Simply put, a Backyard Suite is a a backyard.

Backyard Suites are a form of infill housing that offers social, environmental, and economic benefits to owners, renters, and the city as a whole. They are becoming increasingly popular in cities across North America. 

A backyard suite is a second residence that is in a building located behind or beside the primary residence. They are sometimes referred to as laneway houses, carriage houses, garden suites or garage suites.


- City of Calgary, Backyard Suite How-to-Guide

Watch our backyard suite seminar on demand

This recorded seminar covers everything from rules and regulations, costs, tips for successful projects, the building process, and more.  Follow the link to access the seminar.

Benefits of backyard Suites

People choose to build Backyard Suites for many different reasons.

Whether it's to house aging parents close to home, generate a rental income, or plan for your future, Backyard Suites are a flexible form of housing that can help meet you and your family's changing needs. ​

rental incomE

Build a suite, rent it out and make some additional income. Use your suite as a mortgage helper, investment, or retirement income. 

Downsize & Age in place

With Backyard Suites, long-time residents can downsize and age in their community when their main home becomes too much work.

affordable housing

Building a suite in your backyard can help add to Calgary's affordable housing stock.  

Healthy communities 

Backyard Suites help create more walkable, compact, and attractive communities that support physical and mental health.

Multigenerational Living

Backyard Suites can enable multigenerational living, where aging parents or young adults can live close to their families, while still have privacy and independence. 

building in instead of out

As a form infill, Backyard Suites help Calgary build in instead of out, which promotes fiscally, environmentally, and socially responsible development.

Attend a workshop or tour, ask us a question, get involved.

Calgary Backyard Suites is a non-profit organization that helps Calgarians who are thinking about building a Backyard Suite.  We host Backyard Suite Workshops and Tours, and connect citizens with industry experts. We provide you with all the information you need to build the suite of your dreams, while advocating for policy changes that reduce the barriers to infill development. 


We have a vision for cities that provides it's residents with a mix of housing choices that meet diverse and evolving needs. Backyard Suites will help us achieve this vision. 

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