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Join the Garden (Suite) Party! 

Become a YEGarden Suites Member

YEGarden Suites is our passion project and we are committed to growing this organization for years to come, but everyone knows that gardens need a little bit of love and sunshine to thrive. With this understanding, we have decided to open up our Class B (non-voting) Memberships to interested Edmontonions. We frequently get asked whether we are paid by the City, and the answer is no, we are an independent non-profit that relies on support from our sponsors and citizens like yourself. Membership contributions will go towards supporting our continued existence as an advocacy and education-based non-profit. ​

We believe that the Garden Suite movement is just starting to take off in cities across North America. We are proud to be pushing this movement forward in Edmonton and look forward to continuing to support homeowners who are leading the charge. 

- Ashley & Travis (YEGarden Suites Founders)​

Member Benefits

In addition to our on-going advocacy work and distribution of Garden Suite related updates, YEGarden Suites Members shall receive the following benefits. 


One 30 minute 1 on 1 consultation with YEGarden Suites (starting in July 2019, contact us to schedule).



Discounted ticket sales for YEGarden Suites events.



Look Book

Online copy of our brand new Garden Suite Look Book (includes suite photos and stories). Print copies may be available depending on demand.

We are offering 4 types of Memberships: Student, Basic, Garden Party, & Suite Dreams. All four types receive the same benefits/perks listed above. We have created different types so that you can choose a level of contribution that you feel is appropriate. Prices are listed in the form below.

Memberships auto-renew on a yearly basis until cancelled. Please contact us to cancel. If you have any questions, please contact us for support at 780-722-5699 or by email. 

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