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Suite Seminar on demand

This seminar covers the following topics.

Intro to Backyard Suites

Hear from Ashley Salvador, Alberta's leading backyard housing expert about the ways backyard suites are helping Albertans live more flexible and fulfilling lives.

Rules, Regulations, Zoning and the Permitting Process

The City of Calgary presents the latest Backyard Suite rules & regulations. You'll learn what types of lots can accommodate a Backyard Suite, what rules your suite must conform to, how big it can be, how it can be oriented, etc.


Backyard Suite Owners Panel Discussion

Learn from everyday homeowners who have gone through the process of building a Backyard Suite. Our panelists share tips, tricks, challenges, and benefits associated with building a Backyard Suite. 

Financing Your Suite

Hear the options for financing a backyard suite from a Mortgage and Finance specialist.


The Appraisal and Resale Value of Backyard Suites

Any significant project on your property has the potential to change the value of your site. Learn about value, appraisal, and unique properties in Calgary.

Builder/Designer Showcase

You'll have the opportunity to get to know some of Calgary's leading Backyard Suite builders and designers. Four different builders and designers give a short presentation on their work and what their business can offer you.

Calgary Webinar

Calgary Webinar

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