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What is a Garden Suite?

Also known as Laneway Homes, Granny Flats, Backyard Cottages, Accessory Dwelling Units, and previously Garage Suites

What is a Garden Suite?

Garden Suites...also known as Laneway Homes, Garage Suites, Granny Flats, ADUs...

Simply put, Garden Suites are homes in people's backyards. They are sometimes called Granny Flats, Carriage Homes, Secondary Suites, Accessory Dwelling Units (ADUs), or Laneway Homes, but in Edmonton they go by Garden Suites (previously Garage Suites). Garden Suites are typically 400-800 square foot permanent structures that are permitted in most areas of Edmonton. 


Garden Suites are a form of infill development that promote social, environmental, and economic sustainability. They allow us to build our city in, rather than sprawling out, and house people in neighbourhoods they might not be able to afford. Garden Suites help keep families together by housing seniors or university aged children, and they can help older adults downsize and age in their communities. Finally, Garden Suites can act as a mortgage helper, and function as a form of affordable housing.

The City of Edmonton defines a Garden Suite as: "A self-contained dwelling located in an accessory building that is physically separate from the principal single detached dwelling and which may include a garage. Typically, garden suites are single or two storey structures built in the back yards of single detached homes and must have their own kitchen, bathroom, and living space. You may also know them as garage suites, carriage houses, backyard suites or laneway homes."

For more detailed information Garden Suite rules in Edmonton, read Edmonton's Garden Suite Zoning bylaw here.

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City of Edmonton Garden Suite Video

This City of Edmonton video explains what Garden Suites are and why they are an important form of infill development.

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